Identification of the Marma point

Prior to the Marma Therapy, one has to discover the actual location of the particular marma, as it varies the location of the marma varies from person to person, the measurement of his/her body and body parts. But due to the differences in each individuals, it is very difficult to find out the precise location of the marma point.

The spot where the marma is located is often represented in account of the joints, bony prominences and other body structures. The distance is illustrated in terms of each individual's finger measurements. The scope of each marma type is also considered. The marma points can vary in size; it can be that of a pinhead to half a finger (when measured laterally) to four fingers (which is laid laterally) or it can even be the size of the palm. When a marma point is disturbed, the area on the skin surface, undergoes different changes, in ways like; it becomes either stiff, tender, cool, hot, swollen, uneven, rough or depressed.

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