Age 35 My name is Jayalakshmi, from Alappuzha. I am married with two children. I have been suffering from Joint arthritis for the last 4 years and 3 months.
I underwent 32 days’ treatment in the Panchakarma Ayurveda Hospital and spent Rs. 30000. But even after that, I had frequent swelling. Whenever I stopped medicine, I had swelling and acute pain. I stopped the medicines. Due to the swelling, I had bluish marks on my hands, face and neck. Evenings I used to have fever and shivering and it was difficult to walk without the help of another person.

I was bedridden. During this time, I happened to see Ajith Kumar at Thiruvambady. He asked me to do a Thyroid test. The level was very high. He told me that the Joint Arthritis was due to the advanced Thyroid problem. I started taking Ajith Kumar’s medicines from May 2010. My Thyroid problem escalated for 2 weeks. After that, each time I tested, the level was lower. Now my Thyroid is cured. The bluish marks have disappeared. I am feeling much better and I can walk properly. I am going for work now. The medicines I took for three and a half years did not benefit me. But  Ajith Kumar’s medicines which I took for 9 months, cured me. I am very grateful to Ajith kumar

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