My son Shibu was working in a construction company in Muscat as Welder. On 27th Dec 2009, he fell down from the 6th floor of a building. Fortunately he fell on a big pileof loose soil and escaped death. But his body was full of bruises and sprains. He was bedridden and was even unable to go to toilet hismself. He was hospitalized in Muscat for one month. But he was still unable to walk. The company offered to give him the job back if he returned well within 6 months.

After reaching Kerala, he was admitted and treated in some big allopathic hospitals, but was still unable to walk. One of our family friends adviced us to go to Ajith Kumar. Ajith Kumar did Marma treatment for 10 minutes and then asked him to get up and walk. It was amazing. Shibu could walk without help. After 45 days of treatment, he could ride his motor cycle. And after 3 months, he went back to Muscat and joined work. And is still working. His only exclusions in diet during treatment was coffee, dried fish and a variety of chilly. Many Thanks to God who cured Shibu through Ajith Kumar.

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